Cacao is good for you

Don’t feel guilty about indulging. Dark chocolate has many great health benefits.

Health Benefits Chocolate

Reduces emotional stress & anxiety

  • Chocolate is called the new anti-anxiety drug by some

Enhances mood & reduces depression

  • Releases endorphins, serotonin and promotes feel good sensations

Aids relaxation

  • Increases theta brain waves that promote calm feelings

Improves brain activity

  • Improves attention, alertness, and memory in cognitive tasks

Helps control diabetes

  • Normalizes blood sugar and glucose levels to help the body better utilize sugar

Decreases the risk of heart disease

  • Regulates cholesterol and blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and increasing their elasticity

Reduces inflammation

  • Helpful in cardiovascular disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, gastric and intestinal disorders

Adapted from information provided by Carolyn Kelley at These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.