Our business relies on having a constant supply of Hawaii-grown cacao beans. The Hawaiian cacao farmers’ success is ours.
Hawaii Cacoa BeansBecause of its proximity to the equator, Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. that can grow cacao. We believe that cacao will become one of Hawaii’s most important agricultural industries. Like Kona coffee, Hawaiian cacao will become world-renowned.

Following the 2nd Annual Cacao Festival at Dole Cannery in 2012, February was declared “Hawaii Cacao Month” by the State of Hawaii. Manoa Chocolate Hawaii had the honor of being recognized by the State legislature as a vital contributor to the cacao industry.

A symbiotic relationship

Cacao growers and chocolate makers symbiotically develop Hawaii’s agriculture. We generate demand for crop production and exports and create jobs through local value-added manufacturing. As local chocolate production and cacao farming operations grow, we are careful to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of the Kona Coffee industry. By creating a consistent demand for local cacao, Manoa Chocolate Hawaii will pave the way for cacao farmers in Hawaii.

We work with local smaller scale cacao farmers by providing knowledge and an incentive to increase operations. Thus we hope to rapidly foster a fruitful, integrated local industry.

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