Bourbon & chocolate pairing

Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 8 Year, 88 Proof

Paired with Manoa Chocolate Hawaii, Papua New Guinea 70%
Distillery: Corner Creek Distilling Company, Bardstown, Kentucky
Blend: Wheat, corn & rye
Notes: Cut with natural limestone water

Lexington Bourbon 8 Year, 86 Proof

Paired with Manoa Chocolate Hawaii, Waiahole 70%
Distillery: Town Branch Distillery, Lexington, Kentucky
Blend: Rye, malted barley & corn
Notes: Newest distillery in Bourbon County

Temptation Straight Bourbon 8 Year, 82 Proof

Paired with Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii, Hamakau 72%
House: Bardstown Barrel Selections, Bardstown, Kentucky
Blend: Corn, rye & malted barley
Notes: Blend from several distilleries in Bardstown

Old Bardstown Estate Bourbon 10 Year, 101 Proof

Paired with Manoa Chocolate Hawaii, Hawaiian Sea Salt 72%
Distillery: Old Bardstown Distillery, Bardstown, Kentucky
Blend: Malted barley, corn, rye & wheat
Notes: Cask strength

Russell’s Reserve Bourbon 10 Year, 90 Proof

Paired with Manoa Chocolate Hawaii, Goat Milk 69%
Distillery: Wild Turkey Distillery, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Blend: Rye, corn & barley
Notes: The first distillery established after prohibition