Hawaii Island Milk Bar 50%

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  • Hawaii Island Milk Bar 50%
  • Papaikou, Hawaii: Local chocolate

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Single origin from Hilo, Hawaii, 50% dark milk chocolate, 2oz bar

Small farms in the Big Island’s Hilo region produce quality cacao from which we hand-select beans. Hawaii is the only state in the United States with a climate appropriate for cultivating the cacao tree. We are honored to be able to make exclusive, truly Hawaiian chocolate.

These beans were sourced from Tom Sharkey of Hilo Sharks Coffee and Colin Hart--whom we have sourced since 2015. Sharkey and Colin harvest pods from 6 farms in the Hilo Paliku area, which spans from the Wailuku River to Hakalau and the Puna District. They return to Sharkey's farm to crack and extract wet seed before loading the fermentation boxes. Sharkey and Colin maintain the orchards and manage the post-harvest handling, which is paramount for quality.

50% ダークミルク



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