Gingerbread Hut Kit

$ 50.00

A Gingerbread Hut made entirely from chocolate bars? Yes - you read that correctly. It just so happens our new chocolate bar mold makes for great building material. The origins of this sweet structure came from a team member’s child! His 6 year old pointed out how our new bar looks like building blocks. Our curiosity had to test this out, and so the Hawaiian gingerbread house (or hut as we call it in the Islands) was born.

You can really build it and eat it? Yup, and it’s delicious. From child to grandparent, this fabulous family project can be put together with ease - no crazy accessories needed. After months of dedicated building and trial and error, we have come to a final design that ships in a neat and tidy gift box, with a total of six bars included. A link to an instructional video featuring founder and owner Dylan Butterbaugh will guide you on your building journey!

Inspired by the flavors of gingerbread and the elements of winter, we’ve crafted two unique flavors to use as building materials for this Gingerbread Hut. Our Gingerbread Bar is a 60% dark milk chocolate infused with Hawaiian grown ginger powder and topped with home made gingerbread crumbs from our neighbor Mother Bakeshop. The second flavor is a White Chocolate & Nibs bar, specially made to replicate the snowy roofs of winter. 

When your holiday dream home is all said and done, it will be a spectacle for all to see, that is until you must eat it! Make sure to tag us and hashtag #gingerbreadhut so we can all admire your hut.

Can I just buy the bars and not build the hut?  Of course you can. The child-like glee of building a chocolate hut is only half the fun, the other half is eating it! As always, this set is a great value made to our exceptionally high standards. So build or not, you’re in for a fantastic holiday inspired treat. 


Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, organic whole milk powder, Hawaiian grown ginger powder, gingerbread crumbs • CONTAINS GLUTEN AND DAIRY

For maximum flavor, store and eat chocolate at a dry 70° F.


Ingredients: cocoa butter, organic whole milk powder, organic cane sugar, cacao nibs • CONTAINS DAIRY

For maximum flavor, store and eat chocolate at a dry 70° F.