What makes Hawaii grown cacao so special? Hawaii is the only state in the United States with a climate appropriate for cultivating the cacao tree. With a focus on cacao genetics, fermentation, and drying, Hawaii is now recognized internationally as producing some of the best cacao in the world. Additionally, Hawaiian cacao farms are still scarce, making Hawaiian beans some of the most expensive and exclusive.

Like coffee or wine, these chocolate bars sing of the land where they were grown. We’ve had the pleasure of watching these cacao farms grow and improve with us over the years and can't wait for you to taste the unique flavors in each bar. Mānoa Chocolate was founded upon an inspiration to develop a cacao industry here in Hawaii, so when you taste this locally grown chocolate you are tasting the fruition of our core mission and values.

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Just two ingredients go into this 70% single origin dark chocolate: cacao and organic sugar, but by sourcing the finest cacao the market has to offer, we can achieve a wide spectrum of flavor notes from fruity and nutty to citrusy and fudgy. 

Our mission with our single origin chocolate is to highlight the place, the trees, and the people that bring these Hawaiian cacao beans to life. This chocolate is not only meant to be delicious, but to spark curiosity and tell a story. A story of care, dedication, and environment, and a curiosity that makes you think of the origins of your food. 


All bars in this collection have the same nutrition information.

Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter • GLUTEN FREE / DAIRY FREE

For maximum flavor, store and eat chocolate at a dry 70° F.


2.1oz (60g) per bar


70% single origin dark chocolate [60% cacao nibs, 10% cocoa butter, 30% organic cane sugar].

"70%" represents the amount of cacao present in the recipe. Because cocoa butter is technically cacao, its 10% is added to the 60% nibs, making this bar a 70% dark chocolate. Why 70% you say? This recipe has become the craft chocolate industry's standard for a single origin dark chocolate. The ratio of 70% cacao to 30% sugar has been identified as an ideal balance to taste the inherent flavor present in the cacao.

"Single origin" signifies that all the cacao beans for a particular batch of chocolate were sourced from the same region and or country.



Notes: Honeysuckle, Graham Cracker, Cherry

70% Single Origin Dark Chocolate


Notes: Strawberry, Macadamia Nut, Vanilla

70% Single Origin Dark Chocolate


Notes: Cherry, Passionfruit, Raspberry

70% Single Origin Dark Chocolate


Notes: Dried Rose, Green Apple, Walnut

70% Single Origin Dark Chocolate


Notes: Caramel, Hibiscus, Hazelnut

70% Single Origin Dark Chocolate


Record each bar’s flavor profile according to your unique palate! This is an engaging tasting experience that lets you dive deeper into each origin's flavor.


From Bean-to-Bar

What is "Bean-To-Bar" Craft Chocolate?

Bean-to-bar is a movement in chocolate, much like the growing craft beer industry, in the sense that we are moving away from mass production. With this quality over quantity model we craft only the finest dried beans into chocolate all under one roof.

Bean-to-bar makers are also defined by the fact that we direct trade with cacao farms around the world, paying socially responsible prices for quality. In contrast, the vast majority of cacao for the world's billion dollar chocolate industry is sourced from West Africa. Most commodity beans sourced from this region are priced so low that farmers cannot afford even basic living necessities. This creates human rights issues on a massive scale that include human trafficking and child slavery that are directly tied to the sale of cacao.

Craft chocolate is the opposite, rather than sourcing cheap to blend from a variety of regions, we source cacao at high prices and tell the story of where the chocolate is grown.