Hawaii Chocolate

Manoa Chocolate Hawaii is a bean-to-bar chocolate company. We craft high quality chocolate in Hawaii using sustainable production methods. Our factory tasting room, and retail store are located in Kailua town above Cinnamon’s Restaurant on the second floor of the Kailua Square building – come visit!

Cacoa Bean

Our mission

We are excited to have the opportunity to use local cacao beans grown here in the islands. The state of Hawaii is keen to expand the cacao industry because it will draw more attention to premium products manufactured within the islands.

Did you know?

Hawaii is the only state in the U.S that grows cacao. Cacao trees produce beans; roasted beans become cacao nibs; and Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii crafts them into delicious dark chocolate bars. Mānoa means “thick; solid; vast; depth, ” referring to the ability of chocolate to show depth of flavor reflecting terroir—the special characteristics of the geography and climate in which its grown.

As a chocolate-maker, our goal from fermentation, to roasting, to grinding, and tempering is to bring out the best in each bean.

Doing good through chocolate

  • Manoa Chocolate produces a high end product with a minimum waste impact. Our inner and outer packaging is completely bio-degradable.
  • By establishing Hawaii branded cacao as a premium commodity, the profit potential for local farmers will improve.
  • We employ people here in Hawaii.