Kona, Hawai'i Island Bar 70%

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vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, soy free, single origin, direct trade, hawaiian grown, award winning
About the Bar: The Likao Kula Farm in Kona is one of our oldest sources of Hawaiian cacao. They have always been a reliable source for some of the highest quality beans in Hawaii. In 2017 at one of the largest chocolate festivals in the world, the Salon Du Chocolat in Paris, these Hawaiian grown beans from Kona won top 15 best flavored cacao in the world. 
tasting notes of caramel, hibiscus and hazelnut. pairs with pinot noir, bourbon and summer ale

Details: 70% dark chocolate. Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, and cocoa butter. 2.1oz (60g) bar. Dairy free. For maximum flavor, store and eat chocolate at 65-70° F.

Awards: 2017 Salon Du Chocolat "Award De Savor",  2018 International Chocolate Award Silver for Single Origin, 2018 Academy for Chocolate Silver for Single Origin.


• Ingredients: cacao, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter

• Gluten Free and Dairy Free

• For maximum flavor, store and eat chocolate at a dry 70° F (21° C)


2.1oz (60g)

melt-free guarantee

We ship all orders via two-day FedEx and treat your order with the utmost care so that it arrives in perfect condition.

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made in hawai'i

All of our chocolate is crafted from bean-to-bar at our chocolate factory in Kailua, O'ahu.

direct trade cacao

We're buying cacao direct from the farmer. This allows us to establish long lasting relationships based on trust and quality. By cutting out intermediaries we can also pay our farmers higher prices for their crop.

sustainably packaged

Each chocolate bar is packaged using recycled paper and wrapped in a biodegradable plant-based fiber

melt-free guarantee

We ship all orders via two-day FedEx and treat your order with the utmost care so that it arrives in perfect condition.

simple ingredients

70% single origin dark chocolate [60% cacao nibs, 10% cacao butter, 30% organic cane sugar].

"70%" represents the amount of cacao present in the recipe. Because cacao (aka cocoa) butter is technically cacao, its 10% is added to the 60% nibs, making this bar a 70% dark chocolate. Why 70% you say? This recipe has become the craft chocolate industry's standard for a single origin dark chocolate. The ratio of 70% cacao to 30% sugar has been identified as an ideal balance to taste the inherent flavor present in the cacao.

"Single origin" signifies that all the cacao beans for a particular batch of chocolate were sourced from the same region and or country.

Single origin bars displayed

make HAWAI'I CHOCOLATE an experience

This chocolate treasure box allows you to taste our Hawai'i grown bars side-by-side. Like coffee or wine, these chocolate bars sing of the land where they were grown. These cacao farms have scaled and improved with us year after year and we can't wait for you to taste the unique flavors in each bar. Our company was founded upon an inspiration to develop a cacao industry here in Hawai'i. When you taste this locally grown chocolate you are tasting the fruition of our core mission.

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