Bulk & Corporate Gifting

Collection: Bulk & Corporate Gifting

Looking to give the gift of chocolate this holiday season? Why not give a taste of Hawaiʻi? Whether you have clients and employees or ample of friends and family, we can make gifting easy for you. In these curated bulk and corporate gifting options we have something to fit every taste and budget. Contact us to get started. We will personally work with you to make the process as seamless as possible.

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  • Flavors of hawaiʻi mini box  

    Flavors of hawaiʻi mini box

    Get all six of our Flavors of Hawaiʻi collection (Banana, Passion Fruit, Sea Salt, Coffee, Coconut and Mango) in a neat and tidy gift box.

  • hawaiʻi grown treasure box  

    hawaiʻi grown treasure box

    Six 60g chocolate bars all grown and made in the Hawaiian Islands. Like coffee or wine, these chocolate bars sing of the land where they were grown. When you taste this locally grown chocolate you are tasting the fruition of our core mission.

  • flavors of hawaiʻi treasure box  

    flavors of hawaiʻi treasure box

    Six 60g island inspired chocolate bars in a beautiful gift box. Hawaiʻi is famous for being one of the most isolated places on the planet. We’re right in the middle of the vast pacific ocean, acting like a bridge between the east and west. To conceive of our collection, we didn’t need to go any farther than our local farmers market to find inspiration.

  • Peppermint bar  

    Peppermint bar

    Our special Holiday chocolate bar is Peppermint Crunch. 100% organic, crushed candy cane and cacao nibs coated on dark chocolate. It makes for a great addition to Santa’s milk and cookies!

  • deluxe treasure box  

    deluxe treasure box

    This box provides you with the most comprehensive tasting of our chocolate. Within these sixteen bars you can taste the rainbow of flavors that is Mānoa Chocolate, from milk to dark to dark milk and more.

  • Assortment collection  

    Assortment collection

    Here at Mānoa we don't just make chocolate bars. Build your own gift bag from our wide selection of products; from tea, to chocolate macadamia nuts, to choocolate spreads and more. We'll deliver your assortment in a branded insulated bag.


How far in advance do I need to place my order to make sure my gifts reach the recipients on time?

We ask for a two week lead time. We will ship out within the two weeks but can't guarantee a delivery date during holiday shipping.

Can I include a gift note?

We are able to include one uniform gift note per order. If your gift note requires further customization, please reach out to us directly. 

Can I customize my gift?

Customers can customize their selection of bars/gift boxes but we do not offer custom branding. 

What are my delivery options?

We offer pick up at the store at no charge. We can ship the gift to one location at no cost for orders above $500 or we can ship directly to the receipt location. Shipping the receipt is $10 per gift, and free shipping for orders above $50.

How does sending the gift directly to the client work?

Shipping directly to recipient is easy! All you have to do is fill out a template with addresses and contact information. We will take care of the shipping from there.

Is there a discount for bulk & corporate gifting?

We offer a discount based on the volume of the order. Click the 'Fill Out our Google Form' button to start a conversation about your custom order and pricing.