Bulk Brewing Chocolate: 1LB

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About: This mix of crushed cacao beans brews like coffee. Create a nutritious, herbal hot chocolate or mix with coffee and loose leaf teas. 

Directions: Steep 2 Tbsp per cup in hot water using an infuser, coffee maker or French press. Steep more 2 Tbsp more for 2 minutes longer for a darker brew. Great served hot or iced. Add milk, cream, honey, sugar or cinnamon for extra flavor! 

To brew beer: Add this bag to the mash and/or boil for a 5 gallon recipe. A great inclusion for any recipe, especially chocolate stouts, porters & dark ales. 

Details: 1lb bag. Single origin cacao from Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Ingredients: roasted cacao. Our factory processes milk and nuts. There is generally a wait time on all orders as the tea is only bagged once the order has been placed. The item is packaged in zip-lock bags (not retail packaging).


made in hawai'i

All of our chocolate is crafted from bean-to-bar at our chocolate factory in Kailua, O'ahu.

direct trade cacao

We're buying cacao direct from the farmer. This allows us to establish long lasting relationships based on trust and quality. By cutting out intermediaries we can also pay our farmers higher prices for their crop.

sustainably packaged

Each chocolate bar is packaged using recycled paper and wrapped in a biodegradable plant-based fiber